The City of Tucson Ward 5 Newsletter

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About your trash: To reduce flies and odor, please bag and securely tie all your trash and do not over fill containers. Never place hot ash or coals, or other burning materials in containers. Yard waste may be disposed of, as long as it fits within the container with the lid closed. Don’t leave your containers out past your pick up date. Please return it to the space you have it in your yard. For any damaged trash containers, contact Environmental Services at 791- 3171.

To find out your trash pick up date, either call Environmental Services at 791-3171 or go online to For example, . The Miles Neighborhood day for trash and recycle pickup is on Fridays.

Please have your trash and recycle containers out to the street and on those days, please try not to block mail boxes and drive ways


With the start of the school year come loud parties. Although I understand student excitement about the school year, there are codes that are in place and must be followed. A loud party or unruly gathering can result in a red tag, which has several consequences. If red tagged, a visible “red tag” will be placed in street view, notifying the neighborhood of the issuance. The red tag comes with a fine and if a college student is involved, a report to the Dean of Students. The “red tag” states that if another unruly gathering occurs within 180 days that fines will be given in amounts of $500-$1500. As a part of our Police Chief’s community policing approach more officers have been put into patrol functions. This means more visible TPD presence. TPD is also partnering with UAPD so that responses to loud parties are consistent between both departments. The collaboration will mean greater information sharing and consistency in handling these types of calls. It is important to call in loud parties, don’t assume others are doing so. If it isn’t reported we can’t adequately address the situation.

The Tucson Police Department will respond to any gathering of a loud and unruly nature. A loud and unruly gathering is any gathering of five or more persons who disturb the peace of their neighbors through excessive noise, littering, obstruction of public streets, drinking in public, minors consuming or being served alcohol, fighting, excessive traffic, or similar conduct. The existing noise ordinance, Section 16-31, remains in effect and the “Unruly Gatherings,” Section 16-32, provides additional violations for loud or unruly conduct.

For Section 16-32 to apply, the following criteria must exist:

* complainant (the ordinance may be enforced even if the complainant is a refused complainant)

* there must be a gathering of five (5) or more persons,

* it must be on private property (this also applies to businesses such as bars)

* the gathering must cause a disturbance as a result of conduct described above

Sonoran Substation to Wilmot Energy Center

Sonoran Substation to Wilmot Energy Center 138 Kilovolt Transmission Line

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has proposed building a new 138-kilovolt (kV) substation, transmission lines and a switchyard south of Tucson to strengthen electric reliability for customers, meet future energy needs in the area and support what will become TEP’s largest local community-scale solar array and battery storage system.

The planned 100-megawatt (MW) solar array and accompanying 30 MW energy storage system located at the Wilmot Energy Center (WEC) will be owned and operated by an affiliate of NextEra Energy Resources. The systems are expected to be in service by the end of 2020 and will provide enough renewable power to serve up to 21,000 homes annually.

 In spring 2018, TEP transmission planners reduced the scale of the project because transmission studies indicated that existing and planned infrastructure would support the new facilities and that new connections to TEP’s South Loop Substation in Sahuarita were unnecessary. The project name was then changed to the “Sonoran Substation to Wilmot Energy Center” from “Sonoran Substation to Wilmot Switchyard to South Loop” transmission line project.

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